Membership Application

According to Section 3.1 at Article 4 of the Constitution of the African Policy Centre:

3.1  Art. 4: Membership

3.1.1 Any person who has obtained a first Degree from a recognized University shall be eligible for membership of the Centre, and shall subject to approval of the Executive Committee, become a member by paying an entrance fee of Ksh. 2, 000.

3.1.2 Such a person so admitted into membership shall pledge to abide by this Constitution and Rules of the Centre;

3.1.3 Every member shall pay an annual subscription fee of Ksh. 5, 000 on or before 30th day of April in each year.

3.1.4 The subscribers to this constitution and such other persons or Organisations as the Board of the Centre may from time to time admit to membership, the membership being not less than 5 persons shall be members of the Centre, provided that a members shall cease to be a member if:

i) He gives one month notice in writing to the Board of their intention to resign from membership. Upon the expiry of such notice he shall cease to be a member but his liability to contribute to the funds of the Centre in the event of its being wound up or dissolve shall continue for one year from the expiry of such notice.

ii) If he is removed from membership by the vote of not less than two-thirds of the members of the Centre at an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Centre specially convened and at which he has been given a reasonable opportunity of attending and being heard.

Send E-Mail to the Administrator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your dully filled Application Form if you meet the requirements stated. Click here to Download the Application Form.

Removal from Membership

3.1.5 Removal from membership:

(a) The Executive Committee shall have power to SUSPEND a member from his/her membership on the grounds that the member’s conduct has adversely affected the reputation and dignity of the Centre or that the member has contravened any of the provisions of the Constitution of the Centre.

(b) The grievances against a suspended member shall be reported and discussed at the next General Meeting of the Centre following the suspension and the Meeting shall resolve by a two-thirds majority of the members present whether to expel the suspended member or lift the suspension.

(c) A person expelled from membership of the Centre may re-apply for membership provided that such a person shall only be re-admitted as a member with the authority of a special resolution adopted by the Annual General Meeting.

3.1.6 A member may be expelled from membership if the General Meeting so recommends and it MUST be approved by a resolution of two-thirds (⅔) of the members present, that:

  • His/her conduct has adversely affected the reputation of the Centre;
  • He/she has remained absent from two (2) consecutive meetings without any proper reason;
  • He/she has contravened any of the provisions of this Constitution and Rules.

3.1.7 A member whose expulsion has been recommended shall get a warning letter ONE month before the effective date of a General Meeting to approve the expulsion.

3.1.8 Any member desiring to resign from membership or the Centre shall submit his resignation letter to the Secretary-General, which shall take effect from the date of receipt by the Secretary-General of such notice.

3.1.9 Any member who will fail to continue the payment of his/her annual contribution shall automatically cease to be a member of the Centre.

Membership Benefits


Networking opportunities: APC membership gives you access to our network of organisations.

High Level Policies Events: Through our high-level events and publications, we are actively engaged in promoting a structured debate across the Eastern Africa region and beyond on the important questions facing the African continent, acting as a catalyst for new thinking and new solutions.

Access to APC expertise: The APC will produce a range of publications, from in-depth Working Papers and Issue Papers to shorter Policy Briefs. APC experts are also available for consultation on the latest African policy developments.

Core Benefits

  • Free participation in all events.
  • Rapid, comprehensive reports on other events sent to your in-box
  • Free attendance at Policy Briefings where key figures in government, Civil Society and the Private Sector, take the floor.
  • Free participation in Policy Dialogues where the major policy issues facing the Eastern Africa region are discussed and debated in depth.
  • Free participation at conferences, seminars and ad hoc events.
  • Free participation in Forum Meetings/Task Forces.
  • Unparalleled peer-to-peer and cross-constituency networking opportunities
  • Contact with leading political personalities & opinion formers through events
  • Access to advice, knowledge and expertise
  • Free copies of all publications.
  • Rapid receipt of all reports of events and other relevant communications.
  • Access to APC expertise.

Membership Fees


APC membership runs for 12 months from the date of joining. APC applies a policy of automatic renewal. This means that unless we hear from you one month before the end of your affiliation that you no longer wish to be a member, your membership will be automatically renewed.

Why you should join APC

APC members are drawn from a broad spectrum of stakeholders, and we offer different categories of membership to reflect this diversity. The APC offers the following categories of membership:

Membership Category

Annual Subscription Amount

Corporate Gold: Open to large/multi-national companies.

Ksh, 1, 000 000

Corporate Silver: Open to medium-sized companies.

Ksh. 500, 000

Corporate Bronze: Open to small companies.

Ksh. 250, 000

Diplomatic Representations: Open to missions, embassies and permanent representations.

Ksh. 100, 000

Professional and Business Associations

Ksh. 50, 000

Inter-Governmental and Governmental Organisations

Ksh. 50, 000

Regional Bodies and Local Authorities

Ksh. 50, 000

Academic: Open to teaching Faculty in institutions of higher learning in the country and beyond.

Ksh. 50, 000

Non-Governmental Organisations

Ksh. 50, 000


Ksh. 50, 000

GENERAL INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP: Open to all persons meeting the minimum admission requirements for membership and upon application.

Ksh. 5, 000 (Subject to a registration fee of Ksh. 2, 000).

Bank Payment Details


  1. To be considered as a Fully Paid Member of the African Policy Centre (APC), a member will be required to have fully paid their current annual subscription fees to APC. 
  2. The subscription fees can be paid into the Centre’s account at the Co-operative Bank using the option below:
  3. Deposit into account:
  • Account Name: African Policy Centre
  • Account Number: 011 343 0960 5400
  • Bank Name: Cooperative Bank of Kenya
  • Bank Branch: Aga Khan Walk, Nairobi
  • Branch Code: 002

    Branch address: Uchumi House, Aga Khan Walk;

                                  P.O. 20818 – 00100 GPO Nairobi, Kenya

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