About Us

APC is a policy research centre founded in 2014 in order to provide policy alternatives and solutions to the existing challenges confronting policy makers in Kenya and the entire East African region and by extension the African continent.  As already indicated, Kenya’s challenges include, but are not limited to a weak workforce in key institutions of governance and limited policy options on key public policy issues which hinders inclusive decision making and ultimately, sustainable development.

Kenya is regarded as a fast developing country in Africa. As we look forward to the Vision 2030, the need for evidence-based policy making that is solidly based upon research and analysis in the local context is therefore imperative. The process of regional integration is important to the country and indeed the entire region.

Our Mission

To be a centre of excellence in the provision of independent and credible policy research that is based on evidence, integrity, professionalism and merit.

Our Vision

To contribute to national social, economic and political development by providing effective, efficient, rigorous, legitimate and non-biased policy options based on independent and credible research.

Our Core Values

Accountability, Professionalism and Credibility.


By becoming members of the African Policy Centre, development practitioners demonstrate their commitment to the evaluation profession, they also receive a number of substantial tangible benefits. We offer a comprehensive on-line research facility, with downloadable documents and publications, and a facility for answering questions you may have.